World Press Coverage: 30th Oct 2008

Here is a compilation from representatives of the world press covering the incident of 30th October, 2008 in Assam. Please note, the JFA do not assume responsibility for the content of external websites, nor can guarantee their constant availability. Please use the Contact Us page to report any broken links and we will remove them. Thank you.

Typically, Assam hardly features in the world press. One wonders why. The annual flooding of river valleys displaces millions of people and claims thousands of lives, significantly comparable to the devastation in neighbouring Bangladesh. This oil-rich region also produces the world’s maltiest tea that fetches huge prices at auction houses. Over twenty languages and a thousand dialects are spoken here. Natural wonders like Majuli (Mazuli), the world’s largest riverine island, lie here. Several insurgent groups with goals ranging from autonomy to independence to the establishment of radical Islam, actively operate. The list to justify a rich press coverage goes on and on. Yet you’ll find the world media cover Bangladesh floods, OPEC oil prices or the Amazon rain forest, but rarely Assam. Strange. But this time the media did take some note. True, coverage needed to be more than this, but given current trends, there was some coverage at least.