Today marks our Fifth Anniversary | আজি আমাৰ পঞ্চম বার্ষিকী

30 November, 2008. This was the day when a resolute group of friends got together and founded the JFA. In January of 2010, JFA attained Registered Charity status in the United Kingdom, where it is based.

Today, on our 5th Foundation Day, the Steering Committee reaffirms its pledge to continue working on socio-political and cultural matters related to Assam. In this regard, the Committee counts on the continued blessings of JFA’s well-wishers.

Hail Mother Assam  –  জই আই অসম ।

ওজাপালি, দৰং [Wzapali, Dorong] - Oja-pali, Darrang
ওজাপালি, দৰং [Wzapali, Dorong] – Oja-pali, Darrang.
Yours truly,

The Steering Committee.

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