The Telegraph (India): Caring For The Old – On JFA’s Project on Care for the Elderly

Staff Reporter. 16th January 2010.

Caring for the old
Taking care of the elderly not only takes goodwill, but requires appropriate skills as well. Keeping this in mind, Just For Assam (JFA), an international working group, is embarking on a plan to sponsor career training courses for aspiring women who want a career specialising in care of the elderly.

Just over a year old, the JFA has already notched up a few laurels on its post. When the JFA arose as a working group in November 2008, its founding members set themselves a mission called Project 30th October. This was to be a rehabilitation programme for survivors of the devastating terrorist bombs that had ripped Assam apart the previous month.

The JFA has campaigned to raise funds for the cause and has since managed to make a significant difference in the lives of many stricken by the incident.