The following are the people who brought the JFA into existence.

Ankul (Subhash Mohan) Goswami  |  অঙ্কুল (সুভাষ মোহন) গোস্বামী

Ankul Goswami

Ankul is the Chief Operating Officer for a global company in the bio-pharmaceutical sector. Ankul has an MBA Degree from the University of Hull, UK, and is a Bachelor of Commerce from Gauhati University in India. Ankul has acted in several television and short-film productions in Assam. Ankul is a key moderator in JFA’s Steering Committee proceedings and offers his operations- and finance-management talents to the group.

 Bublee (Sanchayita) Sharma-Goswami  |  বুবলী (সঞ্চয়িতা) শর্ম্মা-গোস্বামী

Bublee Goswami

Bublee is a social entrepreneur and film-maker, and, runs her own film production company. Bublee is a Bachelor of Commerce from the Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, India. Bublee is also a flautist. Bublee is well regarded for her work in north-east India’s media circles and brings to the JFA her deep insight into public relations and rich media experience, in addition to an innate ability towards mature operations management.

Muinul Hussain  |  মুইনুল হুচেইন

Muinul HussainMuinul is an Industrial and Communication Management Consultant for a global technology company. Muinul has an MBA degree from the London Business School and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India. He is also an accomplished painter. Muinul brings on board his rich management experience and a sharp critical eye for detail which has strongly contributed to several of JFA’s successes.

Dr Vikram Sharma  |  ডাঃ বিক্রম শর্ম্মা

Vikram Sharma

Vikram is an accomplished medical research professional closely associated with the UK Government’s National Health Service (NHS). Vikram completed medical studies in India before moving to the UK to engage in medical research activity. Vikram brings to the JFA his creativity in spotting new project opportunities as well as overseeing on-the-ground activities undertaken on the group’s behalf in Assam. Vikram is also a key moderator in JFA’s Steering Committee proceedings.

Nironkush Rick Das  |  নিৰঙ্কুশ ঋক দাস

Rick Das

Rick is a Strategy and Project Management consultant in the Finance-Technology (FinTech) sector. Rick holds an MBA from London’s prestigious Cass Business School and an Electronics & Power Engineering Degree from the National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India. Rick has interests in poetry, linguistics and organic agriculture. In JFA’s foundational years, Rick brought to the table his strategy, project management and literary skills to help create and manage strategy for the JFA, as well as spearhead some of JFA’s official communications.