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Just for Assam (JFA) formed when a group of friends living in the UK met up in the autumn of 2008 to discuss ways to contribute to the betterment of the land they have had inalienable ties with: the north-east Indian state of Assam. Known as the land of the red river and blue hills, Assam also suffers being ravaged by natural calamities, insurgency problems and other socio-political issues. Yet many continue to be hopeful the once peacefully happy land will restore herself to thrive. The group has since been extending their welcome to all Assamophiles and continues to grow. If you’d like to learn more about Assam, here’s a good article to start with.

Just for Assam is registered in the United Kingdom as a Charity for Tax Purposes.


Just For Assam aims to be a group of individuals that concerns itself with matters on Assam such as – but not limited to – the upheaval of the not-so-privileged, various socio-political or cultural issues, being a platform for the confluence of ideas or thoughts on Assam, promoting Assam to the world and giving something back to Assam.


  1. To support the (dependents of) victims of natural calamities, disasters, acts of terror or other unfortunate events in Assam.
  2. To work towards the welfare of the needy in Assam, regardless of race, gender or age. This would be typically through association with credible charities as needed, but not limited to such means alone.
  3. To evolve as a confluence of like minded people with the interest of Assam at heart and provide a conduit for people to contribute to the welfare of Assam.

The Steering Committee

The JFA has a Steering Committee to actively manage the network’s day-to-day running. Steering Committee members are individuals who have stepped up to shoulder significant responsibilities and act as co-ordinating or moderating elements within the network of friends.

The current JFA Steering Committee can be found on the Team page.

We consider anyone contributing to our forum or expressing support for us to be part of JFA. But if you are keen to step up to a Steering Commitee role, please send an email via the Contact page to discuss this – an existing Steering Committee member will contact you. Either way, we welcome you to the JFA and hope you will stay with us throughout our journey.