Just For Our Assam – A Poem by Siddhartha Sarmah

The wheels of time grind on
A day ends as another is born
The dust settles on the blood, time starts the healing
Yet the loneliness lingers, the hunger, the mourning.
A Thursday comes, a Thursday gone
A day when a brutal death was born
Hundreds lie amidst the burning smoke; their bodies torn
Your brother’s father, sister’s husband, mother’s son.
As Assam cringes; a faceless terror is reborn.
Reach out your hand, link yours in mine
Let the night end, the rays of dawn again shine
Join in sorrow, join in joy
Just for Assam; together we will; together we can.
  • Siddhartha Sarmah, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

We Need Your Help

By Manju Barkataki, Seaham, United Kingdom.


“The sound of the blast shook me. The mid morning cup of tea fell from my hand and the cup broke”.

That was a piece of conversation over telephone with one of my friends from Guwahati on 30th October, 2008. The sound of the blast only broke the cup of my friend but in that moment, that sound wiped out hundreds of life and broke hundreds of hearts for ever.

The Thursday 30th October 2008 will be remembered as one of the bloodiest morning in the history of Assam. The terrorists, once again bathe our motherland with the blood of innocent people.

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Coming Together

By Sumita Dutta, London.

It was an usual working day morning on the 30th of Oct 2008, when each of us were busy with the humdrum of daily routines – tubes to catch, school drop offs, babies to feed, assignments to complete when suddenly SMSes, phone calls and email urgently conveyed that serial bomb blasts have taken place in Guwahati, Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Barpeta.

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The Hindu: Youngest of blast victims dies – Article on a victim of the Terror Bombings of 30th October 2008

Dear Readers, we would like to share with you this incredibly touching article we found on The Hindu on Wednesday, the 05th November, 2008. This is about the youngest victim of the Assam Terror Bombings of 30 October, 2008.


Youngest of blast victims dies

By Sushanta Talukdar.

The 5-year-old girl celebrated her birthday recently.

Guwahati: Five-year-old Moromi (meaning Lovely in Assamese) barely started giving her final touches to a melting pot of culture that her Hindi-speaking father Sagar Sarma and Bengali-speaking mother Sunita Sarma were giving shape to, when the Sarmas gave her an Assamese name and admitted her in an Assamese medium school 10 months back. Sarma migrated from Samastipur in Bihar and married Sunita from Golokganj in lower Assam’s Dhubri district and the couple started nurturing a dream at a rented house in the city. Continue reading

World Press Coverage: 30th Oct 2008

Here is a compilation from representatives of the world press covering the incident of 30th October, 2008 in Assam. Please note, the JFA do not assume responsibility for the content of external websites, nor can guarantee their constant availability. Please use the Contact Us page to report any broken links and we will remove them. Thank you.

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