Gatherings on Oneness: The London Convention of November, 2008

Video clippings from the London convention of the Gatherings on Oneness organised by the JFA. These were a series meetings organised in the aftermath of the bomb blasts in Assam on 30th October 2008. The London convention – at the Royal London Hotel, Marble Arch – was also the foundational meeting for the JFA through which the JFA formally announced its foundation to the world.

Video 1: Introduction – Dr. Vikram Sharma and Bublee (Sanchayita).

Video 2: The Terror Attacks on 30th October 2008 – Nironkush Rick Das.

Video 3: The Big Debate, an Open House where JFA members and the audience discussed Assam’s problems and how best to tackle them – All attendees.

Video 4: Vote of Thanks – Anjan Pathak

TV Report on JFA by News Live – December 2009

News report in Oxomiya (Assamese): Assam’s premier 24 hour TV News Channel – News Live – reports on Just For Assam’s first year of success with Project 30th October – an initiative to rehabilitate some of the worst struck victims of the Assam terror attacks of 30th October, 2008. News Live also mentions of JFA’s other parallel ventures towards the social upliftment of Assam’s culturally diverse peoples. The report was broadcast on the 27th and 28th of December, 2009.

We do not have an English version of this video for which we apologise.

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Doinik Zonombhumi: Just For Assam’s Aid Mission in Assam

A news article on the JFA published by দৈনিক জনমভূমি

( দৈনিক জনমভূমি – Doinik Zonombhumi tr. The Daily Motherland )


    Just For Assam’s Aid Mission in Assam

Guwahati, 20 December: Just For Assam (JFA), an organisation that works towards achieving positive milestones for the multiculturally diverse peoples of Assam, is celebrating it first year of existence. November 2008 born JFA started off with Project 30th October, a fund-raising campaign to rehabilitate the neediest among the victims of the terror bombings that rocked Assam on 30th October, 2008. The funds thus raised were used to fund various financial requirements of 16 victims from six families such as rent, fixed-income bonds and self-empowering vocational courses – all achieved within a tight budget of INR 300 000. Continue reading

The Journey: One Year On

Nironkush Rick Das. London.

Fri 30 October 2009 marks a year since the day terrorist atrocities in Assam claimed hundreds of lives in the form of powerful explosives set off at several crowded places. Today also marks the day the JFA formed with a resolve to harness the many and varied talents of its members to contribute towards giving back hope and happiness to the people of Assam. From the start of Assam’s known history, hundreds of communities each with their own language or dialect, cuisine and lifestyle had lived side by side in perfect harmony. Cross-community marriages were common. Women took as much of a lead role as men in most walks of life. At the apex of this social harmony lay the key driving principle that people valued peace. Continue reading

UK Enterpreneur Biraj Bora coaches Assam Artisans on Exports

Nironkush Rick Das. London Thu 11 June 2009.

The inquisitive traveller often encounters a region whose local artisan-ship may be unknown to the world but matches world standards anyway. A lot of Assam’s produce – agricultural or otherwise – falls in this category: awe-inspiring yet undermined or unknown. In a way this is because people there often underestimate themselves. But a far more blameworthy cause is the fact that most of these otherwise skilled artisans have no idea how to market their craft.

But hope is at hand. Biraj Bora, a private stock market trader and trading coach living in the UK, has offered to help. During June 2009, Biraj will be coaching representatives of various NGO’s on India’s Import-Export policies. These NGO’s would be organisations focussing on encouraging local crafts and their representatives would receive free training on how to exploit India’s Import-Export policy in order to promote their products. Continue reading

Our Donor Funds: A Closer Look

The JFA are now busy providing rehabilitative packages to certain survivors of Assam’s October 2008 terror attacks. But how did they get here? What decisions were taken to arrive at the best possible ways to spend donor funds for their first project? Editors Nironkush Rick Das and Muinul Hussain take a closer look.

Orpington/London, Wed 25 Mar 2009.

Our online campaign for the 30th October Project raised GBP 4276.00, not counting an additional GBP 827.54 claimable from HM Revenue and Customs (for non-Brits, this is the UK’s taxation authority) as Gift Aid Plus supplement.

On a High Level, the spending of donor funds would be realised at the end of a series of steps: Continue reading

The Day Terror Challenged Assam

30th October 2008. That bright morning carried little indication of the events to come. Then it happened – over a ton of an explosive chemical cocktail burnt in thirteen devastating blasts across the region causing instant carnage and untold grievous injury. The incident has gone on to become India’s largest terrorist atrocity since several decades; the victims, ordinary people going about their daily lives. The United Nations Secretary General was prompt to condemn the atrocity. Excerpts: World Press Coverage: 30th October, 2008. Note: The JFA does not assume responsibility for the content or availability of external websites. Continue reading