UK Enterpreneur Biraj Bora coaches Assam Artisans on Exports

Nironkush Rick Das. London Thu 11 June 2009.

The inquisitive traveller often encounters a region whose local artisan-ship may be unknown to the world but matches world standards anyway. A lot of Assam’s produce – agricultural or otherwise – falls in this category: awe-inspiring yet undermined or unknown. In a way this is because people there often underestimate themselves. But a far more blameworthy cause is the fact that most of these otherwise skilled artisans have no idea how to market their craft.

But hope is at hand. Biraj Bora, a private stock market trader and trading coach living in the UK, has offered to help. During June 2009, Biraj will be coaching representatives of various NGO’s on India’s Import-Export policies. These NGO’s would be organisations focussing on encouraging local crafts and their representatives would receive free training on how to exploit India’s Import-Export policy in order to promote their products.

Biraj’s course would cover areas such as Import-Export Code, Documentation, Banking relationships, Operations, Packaging and International Standards, among other things. This would be a major boost in information availability to a keen audience that otherwise miss opportunities to export their produce as each day goes by.

Biraj will be liaising with Indrani Sharma, Senior Project Manager at the Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi (RGVN), an autonomous non-profit organization head-quartered in Guwahati. RGVN will be providing the logistics for Biraj’s coaching and Indrani would work towards encouraging representatives of as many NGO’s possible to attend.

The JFA thanks Biraj for his time carrying out such fantastic motivation-building work on JFA’s behalf.

Here’s wishing Biraj all the best. The JFA would also like to thank Indrani (and RGVN as a whole) for facilitating this.