Coming Together

By Sumita Dutta, London.

It was an usual working day morning on the 30th of Oct 2008, when each of us were busy with the humdrum of daily routines – tubes to catch, school drop offs, babies to feed, assignments to complete when suddenly SMSes, phone calls and email urgently conveyed that serial bomb blasts have taken place in Guwahati, Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Barpeta.

Suddenly everything stopped. All senses were numbed till we heard from friends and family back home that they were all right. Slowly anger, outrage, relief and anxiety took over as the emotions clashed in a chaotic mood reflecting the chaos that was taking place back home. As the day passed by and more and more news flooded the TV and internet, the scale of devastation and tragedy struck us. The feeling among each of us was the same anger, that someone dared to launch such an attack on Assam and the Helplessness, that by being so far away in the UK there was so little that we could do. And it was these feelings that made us determined to help all those innocent victims of the terror attacks. All those people who lost their lives, trapped by the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. And all those near and dear ones who suddenly find their lives changed forever.

We cannot bring back Daddy to the little girl who’s lawyer father was killed in the bomb blast at the CJM’s court. We cannot bring back the young widow’s husband who was a vegetable vendor in Ganeshguri. We cannot bring back to the mother, the bright young daughter who lost her life on the way to college. Lives snuffed out too early and too easily. But we can help all the victims in whatever way we can by getting together, united with the determination that we will make a difference. If we can fund one child’s education, if we can help keep the home fires burning in one house, if we can enable good medical treatment for one who has lost his limbs in the blast we would have made a difference. That was how we got together and form this website with the help of which we aim to raise funds in order to help the unfortunate victims of terror. Join us so that we can all get together to make up the drops for the ocean of humanity that needs to heal the scars in the soul Assam.

Let us each make an effort to bring some ray of hope to those whose lives changed on the 30th Oct 2008. Just by giving. Just For Assam.