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Wasim Haque For Sishu Sadan Orphanage, Assam

The JFA is helping Wasim Haque raise funds for Sishu Sadan (শিশু সদন), an orphanage in Assam. To read more, please click here.

How your donation makes a difference:

£20 (approximately 2000 Indian Rupees) would buy one meal for all the children at the orphanage
£30 would buy a year’s school books for one child
£40 would buy a day’s meal for the children
£50 would buy new shoes for the children
£100 would buy all living expenses for a month apart from food

Thank you for your support. Together we can.

JFA Appeal: The Need for Quality Carers for the Elderly

Ankul Goswami laments the lack of qualified carers for the elderly in Assam, but is upbeat about how the JFA finds a positive way to help address the void and also benefit another cause in the same effort. The JFA is appealing to all for donations to help this cause. Editor Nironkush Rick Das elaborates on Ankul’s message.

Over the years many of us have left home to build a career elsewhere. Cities around the world have become our homes, but we continue to stay in touch with our parents. As we grow older (and hopefully wiser), our parents age even further and before long, we need to worry about their care. There are many among us with parents aged 70 years or more and they can begin to face an increasing number of challenges while going about living their daily lives. Suddenly, climbing that staircase becomes a mammoth task. A light fall causes a broken leg. You get the idea.

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The Telegraph (India): Caring For The Old – On JFA’s Project on Care for the Elderly

Staff Reporter. 16th January 2010.

Caring for the old
Taking care of the elderly not only takes goodwill, but requires appropriate skills as well. Keeping this in mind, Just For Assam (JFA), an international working group, is embarking on a plan to sponsor career training courses for aspiring women who want a career specialising in care of the elderly.

Just over a year old, the JFA has already notched up a few laurels on its post. When the JFA arose as a working group in November 2008, its founding members set themselves a mission called Project 30th October. This was to be a rehabilitation programme for survivors of the devastating terrorist bombs that had ripped Assam apart the previous month.

The JFA has campaigned to raise funds for the cause and has since managed to make a significant difference in the lives of many stricken by the incident.

The Assam Tribune: Diploma Course on Geriatric Care Soon

Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Jan 2, 2010

To generate a trained workforce for geriatric care and create employment opportunities for young girls with poor family background, Just For Assam (JFA) along with another voluntary organization will conduct a diploma course on geriatric care.

JFA is a group of volunteers based in Assam and abroad, that seeks to explore ways to contribute to the betterment Assam’s culturally diverse of people. “The demand for well-trained geriatric carers is increasing everywhere in the world, considering the fast and busy life of today, whereas, skilled care-givers are far fewer in number, considering the demand,” said Nironkush Rick Das of JFA. The group is short-listing the candidates who are willing to do the diploma course, which would be conducted under the supervision of Dr Deepali Kayal. Continue reading

Doinik Zonombhumi: Just For Assam’s Aid Mission in Assam

A news article on the JFA published by দৈনিক জনমভূমি

( দৈনিক জনমভূমি – Doinik Zonombhumi tr. The Daily Motherland )


    Just For Assam’s Aid Mission in Assam

Guwahati, 20 December: Just For Assam (JFA), an organisation that works towards achieving positive milestones for the multiculturally diverse peoples of Assam, is celebrating it first year of existence. November 2008 born JFA started off with Project 30th October, a fund-raising campaign to rehabilitate the neediest among the victims of the terror bombings that rocked Assam on 30th October, 2008. The funds thus raised were used to fund various financial requirements of 16 victims from six families such as rent, fixed-income bonds and self-empowering vocational courses – all achieved within a tight budget of INR 300 000. Continue reading

UK Enterpreneur Biraj Bora coaches Assam Artisans on Exports

Nironkush Rick Das. London Thu 11 June 2009.

The inquisitive traveller often encounters a region whose local artisan-ship may be unknown to the world but matches world standards anyway. A lot of Assam’s produce – agricultural or otherwise – falls in this category: awe-inspiring yet undermined or unknown. In a way this is because people there often underestimate themselves. But a far more blameworthy cause is the fact that most of these otherwise skilled artisans have no idea how to market their craft.

But hope is at hand. Biraj Bora, a private stock market trader and trading coach living in the UK, has offered to help. During June 2009, Biraj will be coaching representatives of various NGO’s on India’s Import-Export policies. These NGO’s would be organisations focussing on encouraging local crafts and their representatives would receive free training on how to exploit India’s Import-Export policy in order to promote their products. Continue reading

Our Donor Funds: A Closer Look

The JFA are now busy providing rehabilitative packages to certain survivors of Assam’s October 2008 terror attacks. But how did they get here? What decisions were taken to arrive at the best possible ways to spend donor funds for their first project? Editors Nironkush Rick Das and Muinul Hussain take a closer look.

Orpington/London, Wed 25 Mar 2009.

Our online campaign for the 30th October Project raised GBP 4276.00, not counting an additional GBP 827.54 claimable from HM Revenue and Customs (for non-Brits, this is the UK’s taxation authority) as Gift Aid Plus supplement.

On a High Level, the spending of donor funds would be realised at the end of a series of steps: Continue reading