Bhupen Hazarika’s Ashes Scattered on the Thames

By Nironkush Rick Das.

London, United Kingdom. At 2 pm on Friday, the 18th of November, the late Dr Bhupen Hazarika’s ashes were scattered on the Thames. Thus a part of Bhupen-da shall remain forever with the people of the United Kingdom. Click here to view a presentation from Enazoree Films, prepared by Bublee Goswami, co-founder of the JFA.

Previously, a congregation gathered at Lambeth Pier – opposite the Houses of Parliament – to pay respects to the great soul. The box containing the ashes was held up for all to view by Dr Karuna Sagar Das, while others offered flowers, lit incense sticks or stood with hands joined in veneration. A few senior citizens and representatives from Dr Hazarika’s family took the moment to say a few words on the great legend.

A mournful congregation venerates Bhupen Hazarika's ashes
A mournful congregation venerates Bhupen Hazarika's ashes.

The congregation then boarded a boat which journeyed towards the Houses of Parliament, then turned west and headed upstream towards Chelsea where the group paid its final respects as Bhupen-da’s ashes fell and dissolved into the waters of the Thames. That evening, the murky waters of the river did not look too different from the muddy waters of his beloved Brahmaputra.

The congregation represented a number of organisations in the United Kingdom –

  1. The UK Chapter of the Assam Sahitya Sabha
  2. Just For Assam
  3. The United Assam Association of the UK
  4. The London Bihu Committee
Silhouette of the boat (backdrop) carrying  Bhupen Hazarika's ashes, heading up the Thames.
Silhouette of the boat (backdrop) carrying Bhupen Hazarika's ashes, heading up the Thames.

That day, the members of Just For Assam were reminded of late Bhupen-da’s words, “তুমি বিশ্বৰ শৰীৰত পঙ্গু অঙ্গ হ’লে বিশ্বই জানো ভাল পাব?” – would the world appreciate, if, in its physique, you are a crippled part that does not pull its weight?

The great legend lives on in the hearts and minds of his millions of admirers.