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JFA Appeal: The Need for Quality Carers for the Elderly

Ankul Goswami laments the lack of qualified carers for the elderly in Assam, but is upbeat about how the JFA finds a positive way to help address the void and also benefit another cause in the same effort. The JFA is appealing to all for donations to help this cause. Editor Nironkush Rick Das elaborates on Ankul’s message.

Over the years many of us have left home to build a career elsewhere. Cities around the world have become our homes, but we continue to stay in touch with our parents. As we grow older (and hopefully wiser), our parents age even further and before long, we need to worry about their care. There are many among us with parents aged 70 years or more and they can begin to face an increasing number of challenges while going about living their daily lives. Suddenly, climbing that staircase becomes a mammoth task. A light fall causes a broken leg. You get the idea.

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World Press Coverage: 30th Oct 2008

Here is a compilation from representatives of the world press covering the incident of 30th October, 2008 in Assam. Please note, the JFA do not assume responsibility for the content of external websites, nor can guarantee their constant availability. Please use the Contact Us page to report any broken links and we will remove them. Thank you.

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