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Wasim Haque For Sishu Sadan Orphanage, Assam

The JFA is helping Wasim Haque raise funds for Sishu Sadan (শিশু সদন), an orphanage in Assam. To read more, please click here.

How your donation makes a difference:

£20 (approximately 2000 Indian Rupees) would buy one meal for all the children at the orphanage
£30 would buy a year’s school books for one child
£40 would buy a day’s meal for the children
£50 would buy new shoes for the children
£100 would buy all living expenses for a month apart from food

Thank you for your support. Together we can.

Today marks our Fifth Anniversary | আজি আমাৰ পঞ্চম বার্ষিকী

30 November, 2008. This was the day when a resolute group of friends got together and founded the JFA. In January of 2010, JFA attained Registered Charity status in the United Kingdom, where it is based.

Today, on our 5th Foundation Day, the Steering Committee reaffirms its pledge to continue working on socio-political and cultural matters related to Assam. In this regard, the Committee counts on the continued blessings of JFA’s well-wishers.

Hail Mother Assam  –  জই আই অসম ।

ওজাপালি, দৰং [Wzapali, Dorong] - Oja-pali, Darrang
ওজাপালি, দৰং [Wzapali, Dorong] – Oja-pali, Darrang.
Yours truly,

The Steering Committee.

Welcome | স্বাগতম

Hello and welcome to our website. We hope that by reading the varied material on our website you will get to know our work better. If you have any questions or concerns on any of the material published on this website, please write to us (using the Contact page). Many thanks.

নমস্কাৰ, আমাৰ ওৱেবছাইটলৈ স্বাগতম | আমি আশা কৰো ইয়াত ওলোৱা বিভিন্ন বাতৰিবোৰৰ দ্বাৰা আমাৰ প্রচেষ্টা বোৰৰ বিষয়ে আপুনি জানিব পাৰিব | ইয়াত ছপা যিকোনো বিষয়ৰ ওপৰত যদি আপোনাৰ কোনো মন্তব্য বা পৰামর্শ থাকে, আমালৈ নিশ্চয় লিখে যেন (Contact পিঠিৰ দ্বাৰা) | ধন্যবাদ |

Bhupen Hazarika’s Ashes Scattered on the Thames

By Nironkush Rick Das.

London, United Kingdom. At 2 pm on Friday, the 18th of November, the late Dr Bhupen Hazarika’s ashes were scattered on the Thames. Thus a part of Bhupen-da shall remain forever with the people of the United Kingdom. Click here to view a presentation from Enazoree Films, prepared by Bublee Goswami, co-founder of the JFA.

Previously, a congregation gathered at Lambeth Pier – opposite the Houses of Parliament – to pay respects to the great soul. The box containing the ashes was held up for all to view by Dr Karuna Sagar Das, while others offered flowers, lit incense sticks or stood with hands joined in veneration. A few senior citizens and representatives from Dr Hazarika’s family took the moment to say a few words on the great legend. Continue reading

The JFA Mourns Dr Bhupen Hazarika

By Nironkush Rick Das.


Bhupen Hazarika | ভূপেন হাজৰিকা | 08 Sep 1926 – 05 Nov 2011.

05 November, 2011. The JFA joins Assam and the world in mourning the demise of the great Dr Bhupen Hazarika. Bhupenda – as he was affectionately known in Assam – shaped the baseline for powerful modern music in Assam and set about a standard where meaningfulness and depth greatly mattered. Click the image to view a presentation from Enazoree Films prepared by Bublee Goswami, co-founder of the JFA. The loss of Dr Hazarika is irreplaceable and marks the end of an era of modern music whose simplicity had the amazing power of being able to rapidly move the masses.
Rest In Peace, Bhupenda. Generations to come will continue to be enriched by the legacy of your music. In deep reverence, from everyone at The JFA.

A Sweeter Taste Of Success – JFA Thanks the Donors of Project 30th October

Several months on since the terror attacks of October 2008 in Assam, JFA’s Project 30th October is seeing fruition. History speaks of many a charitable attempt at Assam’s socio-economic woes nip itself after some initial gusto. But the JFA forged ahead: the donations collected were not in vain and are being used for what they were intended. Read to find out more.

Success tastes sweeter when everyone would have believed a low likelihood of it. Such is the feeling at the JFA as it executes the final acts of its charitable effort – a rehabilitation programme for survivors of the Assam bomb attacks of October 2008.

Continue reading

The Telegraph (India): Caring For The Old – On JFA’s Project on Care for the Elderly

Staff Reporter. 16th January 2010.

Caring for the old
Taking care of the elderly not only takes goodwill, but requires appropriate skills as well. Keeping this in mind, Just For Assam (JFA), an international working group, is embarking on a plan to sponsor career training courses for aspiring women who want a career specialising in care of the elderly.

Just over a year old, the JFA has already notched up a few laurels on its post. When the JFA arose as a working group in November 2008, its founding members set themselves a mission called Project 30th October. This was to be a rehabilitation programme for survivors of the devastating terrorist bombs that had ripped Assam apart the previous month.

The JFA has campaigned to raise funds for the cause and has since managed to make a significant difference in the lives of many stricken by the incident.

The Assam Tribune: Diploma Course on Geriatric Care Soon

Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Jan 2, 2010

To generate a trained workforce for geriatric care and create employment opportunities for young girls with poor family background, Just For Assam (JFA) along with another voluntary organization will conduct a diploma course on geriatric care.

JFA is a group of volunteers based in Assam and abroad, that seeks to explore ways to contribute to the betterment Assam’s culturally diverse of people. “The demand for well-trained geriatric carers is increasing everywhere in the world, considering the fast and busy life of today, whereas, skilled care-givers are far fewer in number, considering the demand,” said Nironkush Rick Das of JFA. The group is short-listing the candidates who are willing to do the diploma course, which would be conducted under the supervision of Dr Deepali Kayal. Continue reading