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Gatherings on Oneness: The London Convention of November, 2008

Video clippings from the London convention of the Gatherings on Oneness organised by the JFA. These were a series meetings organised in the aftermath of the bomb blasts in Assam on 30th October 2008. The London convention – at the Royal London Hotel, Marble Arch – was also the foundational meeting for the JFA through which the JFA formally announced its foundation to the world.

Video 1: Introduction – Dr. Vikram Sharma and Bublee (Sanchayita).

Video 2: The Terror Attacks on 30th October 2008 – Nironkush Rick Das.

Video 3: The Big Debate, an Open House where JFA members and the audience discussed Assam’s problems and how best to tackle them – All attendees.

Video 4: Vote of Thanks – Anjan Pathak

TV Report on JFA by News Live – December 2009

News report in Oxomiya (Assamese): Assam’s premier 24 hour TV News Channel – News Live – reports on Just For Assam’s first year of success with Project 30th October – an initiative to rehabilitate some of the worst struck victims of the Assam terror attacks of 30th October, 2008. News Live also mentions of JFA’s other parallel ventures towards the social upliftment of Assam’s culturally diverse peoples. The report was broadcast on the 27th and 28th of December, 2009.

We do not have an English version of this video for which we apologise.

We hope you enjoyed watching this.

The Day Terror Challenged Assam

30th October 2008. That bright morning carried little indication of the events to come. Then it happened – over a ton of an explosive chemical cocktail burnt in thirteen devastating blasts across the region causing instant carnage and untold grievous injury. The incident has gone on to become India’s largest terrorist atrocity since several decades; the victims, ordinary people going about their daily lives. The United Nations Secretary General was prompt to condemn the atrocity. Excerpts: World Press Coverage: 30th October, 2008. Note: The JFA does not assume responsibility for the content or availability of external websites. Continue reading

The Hindu: Youngest of blast victims dies – Article on a victim of the Terror Bombings of 30th October 2008

Dear Readers, we would like to share with you this incredibly touching article we found on The Hindu on Wednesday, the 05th November, 2008. This is about the youngest victim of the Assam Terror Bombings of 30 October, 2008.


Youngest of blast victims dies

By Sushanta Talukdar.

The 5-year-old girl celebrated her birthday recently.

Guwahati: Five-year-old Moromi (meaning Lovely in Assamese) barely started giving her final touches to a melting pot of culture that her Hindi-speaking father Sagar Sarma and Bengali-speaking mother Sunita Sarma were giving shape to, when the Sarmas gave her an Assamese name and admitted her in an Assamese medium school 10 months back. Sarma migrated from Samastipur in Bihar and married Sunita from Golokganj in lower Assam’s Dhubri district and the couple started nurturing a dream at a rented house in the city. Continue reading