The Assam Tribune: Diploma Course on Geriatric Care Soon

Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Jan 2, 2010

To generate a trained workforce for geriatric care and create employment opportunities for young girls with poor family background, Just For Assam (JFA) along with another voluntary organization will conduct a diploma course on geriatric care.

JFA is a group of volunteers based in Assam and abroad, that seeks to explore ways to contribute to the betterment Assam’s culturally diverse of people. “The demand for well-trained geriatric carers is increasing everywhere in the world, considering the fast and busy life of today, whereas, skilled care-givers are far fewer in number, considering the demand,” said Nironkush Rick Das of JFA. The group is short-listing the candidates who are willing to do the diploma course, which would be conducted under the supervision of Dr Deepali Kayal.

“Other than training to serve the regular needs of elderly dependent persons, including their health and dietary needs, the young women would also be trained in human relationship skills and a coping mechanism under different difficult situations,” he added. The group is now just a little more than a year old and despite being run entirely by volunteers it has managed to notch a few laurels. JFA was formed in November 2008, shortly after the deadly October 30 blasts in Guwahati and other parts of the State. It took up a rehabilitation programme for survivors of blasts and campaigned to raise funds. Since then, it has made a significant difference to a number of victim families.

Not restricting to a one-time aid, it is doing a regular follow-up by extending its help to 16 victims spanning six families by paying school fees, house rents, purchasing fixed-deposit certificates and sponsoring vocational courses for them. “The beneficiaries have since made significant progress picking up the pieces and learning to cope with life without their loved ones,” Das added.

In June 2009, JFA helped organize a course in Guwahati on India’s import-export policies aimed at talented local artisans who had been held back from promoting their work before an international audience simply because they were uncertain of delving into the
complexities of import-export logistics. JFA’s Biraj Bora, a stock market trader and trading strategy coach living in the UK, travelled to Guwahati to offer this course which offered a boost in information availability to a keen audience that otherwise missed opportunities to present themselves to an expert audience.