A Sweeter Taste Of Success – JFA Thanks the Donors of Project 30th October

Several months on since the terror attacks of October 2008 in Assam, JFA’s Project 30th October is seeing fruition. History speaks of many a charitable attempt at Assam’s socio-economic woes nip itself after some initial gusto. But the JFA forged ahead: the donations collected were not in vain and are being used for what they were intended. Read to find out more.

Success tastes sweeter when everyone would have believed a low likelihood of it. Such is the feeling at the JFA as it executes the final acts of its charitable effort – a rehabilitation programme for survivors of the Assam bomb attacks of October 2008.

When Just For Assam (JFA) arose as a working group in November 2008, the founding members set themselves the mission of Project 30th October. This was to be a rehabilitation programme for survivors of a series of deadly bombs that had blasted in various parts of Assam. A donation appeal started. Slowly yet steadily the money started trickling in.

Fast forward four months, proud JFA stands to deliver its promise.

A toast to you, dear donor.

JFA’s Project Co-ordinator in Assam, Sameer Dutta, reports that packages such as educational expenses or rent subsidies are rolling out to beneficiaries selected out of a long list. This is where thanks are more than due to JFA’s donors. The donors – mostly people from ordinary walks of life – helped us raise a sum of GBP 4276.00. As many are UK tax-payers, the JFA would receive a further GBP 827.54 as Gift Aid Plus supplement. Sameer and the JFA Steering Committee have worked very hard together to ensure every penny goes to aid the selected survivors. None of this would have been possible without JFA’s generous donors. So, dear donors: go on, pat yourselves on the back, you more than deserve it. This has been your success.