Gatherings on Oneness: The London Convention of November, 2008

Video clippings from the London convention of the Gatherings on Oneness organised by the JFA. These were a series meetings organised in the aftermath of the bomb blasts in Assam on 30th October 2008. The London convention – at the Royal London Hotel, Marble Arch – was also the foundational meeting for the JFA through which the JFA formally announced its foundation to the world.

Video 1: Introduction – Dr. Vikram Sharma and Bublee (Sanchayita).

Video 2: The Terror Attacks on 30th October 2008 – Nironkush Rick Das.

Video 3: The Big Debate, an Open House where JFA members and the audience discussed Assam’s problems and how best to tackle them – All attendees.

Video 4: Vote of Thanks – Anjan Pathak